NEW RELEASE: A New Leaf for Lyle

NEW RELEASE: A New Leaf for Lyle

Lyle’s a good kid – no, a great kid – but he has a bad habit of telling lies. He lies about everything from brushing his teeth to why he missed the bus. But he doesn’t always lie, and it hurts when the people he cares most about don’t believe him on those rare times when he tells the truth. In A New Leaf for Lyle, young readers will learn, with Lyle, what it takes to earn back trust.


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Interview: Carrie Salazar, Illustrator of A New Leaf for Lyle

Interview: Carrie Salazar, Illustrator of A New Leaf for Lyle

I’ve known Carrie for nearly 19 years. I have yet to meet her, face to face, but I have no doubt that we’ll meet in person one day – sooner than later. We are sisters by choice, and have children the same age. Now, we have a book that we created together: my third children’s book, her debut as an illustrator. I’ve known for a long time – at least since finding her “Dead Rats in My Freezer” blog –…

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Reading Speed, or Why I Avoid Video Blogs

Reading Speed, or Why I Avoid Video Blogs

Reading vs. Speaking

In the Forbes article, “Do You Read Fast Enough To Be Successful?” Brett Nelson explores the reading habits of highly successful people compared to those of the average reader. We are swamped with information that we can’t possibly consume and comprehend unless we prioritize it and prune away the non-essentials. If you read at an average pace of 250-300 words per minute, you…

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This is a blog post! Find about about all the cool daily, weekly stuff here.

Carrie is testing the blog thing out.

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Video Test
Pots Clanging in a Dark Drawer

Pots Clanging in a Dark Drawer

I’m unapologetically liberal – well, moderate, actually, but in today’s political climate, that’s what passes for liberal. I was reading Peter Wright’s post, “Why you should worry about Bernard Eich’s persecution,” this morning, and it seems as good a springboard as any for some of the things that have been bothering me, lately.

My lack of sympathy for Mr. Eich’s career problems stems not from my…

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Chag Sameach

Wishing all who are celebrating Passover peace, prosperity, and good health.

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Literacy and Liquor?

A man of character, indeed. The following “mini-movie” (an ad, but as someone pointed out in comments, better than many full-length movies at storytelling) shows the lengths one father will go for his son.

A whiskey ad, promoting adult literacy.

An ad that leaves you feeling there’s hope for the world. Grab the Kleenex and watch.

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HoneLife, if you haven’t yet discovered it for yourself, is a unique, “topic-centered platform” where members are given just one word, each week, and encouraged to share their creative perspective on it. Their goal is to inspire and enable members to “develop a deeper connection to reality, to the world, and to their unique self.” To that end, the sharing is simple and straightforward.


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I was driving to work, one morning, feeling all caffeinated go-getter and ready to get on with it, when another driver who must’ve been feeling even more deadline driven and eager to get to work cut me off. Tempted to show off my perfectly manicured middle finger, I settled, instead, for muttering, “Asshole!” under my breath. I immediately remembered the day, many years earlier, when I’d done the…

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