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No kidding.

No kidding.

For Katie…

I Searched for Images of Awesome

I Searched for Images of Awesome

I searched for images of “awesome” and found… the definition of it. A year ago, I thought Getty Images was the overpriced Rolls-Royce of stock imagery – the unattainable ideal of world-class, top-of-the-line photographic illustration. It felt exclusive and stuffy and snobbish. Rightfully so; good stock photography is not easy, or cheap, and I am all for copyright protection and paying full value…

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Perfect Portions and the Trouble with Guesstimates

Perfect Portions and the Trouble with Guesstimates

“My eyes were bigger than my stomach!” It’s a familiar lament. Unfortunately, when our eyes grow bigger than our stomachs, our stomachs eventually catch up. Dieters are often  advised to weigh, measure, and keep track of everything they eat. It makes a lot of sense when you realize just how bad most of us are at recognizing a “normal serving” of anything. To find out just how bad we really are at…

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#BlogCrawl and Bookishness

#BlogCrawl and Bookishness


The brainchild of author Cairn Rodrigues, #BlogCrawl was originally envisioned as a sort of Twitter happy hour for introverted writers running blogs. Hang out, make small talk, get tipsy, and then – at some point – everyone agrees on a writing prompt and runs off for about an hour to see what they can come up with. No pre-writing, no editing – just hit publish and come back to share…

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‘We Will All Go Together When We Go’ by Tom Lehrer is my new jam.
Plug-Ins Your Blog Needs

Plug-Ins Your Blog Needs

…and is too shy to ask you to install. These plug-ins are useful, fun, and really simple to set up, so I’m not going to do much other than recommend (and, in some cases, demonstrate) them here.

Broken Link Checker, by Janis Elsts

Nothing glamorous about this one – it just runs in the background and alerts you whenever it finds a broken link. Beats manually checking them all daily, doesn’t it? You…

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Silly, Stupid #Hashtags

Silly, Stupid #Hashtags

Why are we humans so intent on controlling every little aspect of the world around us? So intent on imposing rules that we make up terms like “netiquette” (as if Emily Post weren’t, already, the first and last word on the subject of good manners). So intent on sucking the silliness out of everything…

Blame it on a lack of breakfast, this morning, but when I saw my friend Todd’s rant on #hashtags,…

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Comment FAQ

Comment FAQ

Other bloggers call it their “Comment Policy.” Not me. I don’t expect you to read or agree to it; this is my blog, not a public forum, and I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason whatsoever.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me assure you that I probably won’t. If you’re a living, breathing human being reading this, you are most welcome. Please, sit yourself down, have a read,…

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